By default, the 360-degree smart camera produces recordings at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (HD), but the app allows you to reduce the resolution to 640 x 360 pixels (SD) to store more photos on the card. memory. Thus, Realme offers infrared night vision and enables distortion correction to be activated. In short, fairly basic settings, while others offer HDR or color night vision modes – not to be confused with the color vision that Realme announced for low light.

To assess the image quality offered by the Realme camera, we made recordings of our test scene and extracted the images that we compared with others obtained in the same way fromEzviz C6N. It is also sold for less than 40 euros and offers similar features.

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Ezviz C6N
Realme 360 ​​° smart camera

Smart Cam 360 ° produces images of satisfactory quality, without surpassing its competitors. The contrast is stronger with. Dark areas appear obstructed, and bright elements are combined with the white background. The level of detail is also of lower quality. By pushing the reflections of the outline, the Smart Cam 360 ° ends up integrating the best elements. This is particularly visible on the colored dots above the horseshoe: we only see the lines, while the dots are still visible with the Ezviz camera. We can obviously hope to identify an intruder in the Smart Cam 360 ° photos, but it will be necessary to avoid the windows in the frame and that the intruder in question gets close enough.


Ezviz C6N
Realme 360 ​​° smart camera

When comparing the images obtained in infrared vision, the images from the Realme camera appear much clearer. The contrast is too high, however, here again, and results in a loss of information in both dark and light areas. In the event of a hack, it can be particularly difficult to distinguish certain facial features of the offender based on their skin and hair on the images of the Smart Cam 360 ° compared to those of the C6N which manages the brightness better. . We were able to verify this with a facial recognition test.

Realme’s camera didn’t allow us to identify anyone over 2m in length, while we estimated this distance to be 2.90m for Ezviz’s camera. The intelligent 360-degree camera also offers less effective motion detection. Activity is detected at around 6 meters, and even slightly lower when human recognition is activated, while the C6N is able to detect movement at a distance of around 8 meters. The activation of infrared vision is also slow in both cases: you have to wait 5 to 6 seconds.


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