The pilot was praised for his “exceptional” landing.

A pilot recently made an emergency landing on a busy highway in the United States and video from an over-wing camera captured the incredible moment.

According FoxNewsOn July 3, pilot Vicent Fraser was flying a single-engine plane with his stepfather when he was forced to land on a four-lane highway in North Carolina as his plane’s engine began to fail. Taking to Facebook, the Swain County Sheriff’s Office shared the footage taken from Mr Fraser’s perspective as he made the stretch landing.

Watch the video below:

In the clip, the plane appears to be hovering low to the ground, hovering over several cars before making contact with the road and barely missing a string of power lines. Eventually, Mr. Fraser was able to land the plane smoothly, swerving off the freeway onto a side street.

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In the caption to the social media post, the Swain County Sheriff’s Office praised the pilot’s “exceptional” landing and noted how Mr Fraser was able to weave around power lines. “What EXCEPTIONAL work and no injuries. SURPRISING! If you look closely at 0:20 you will see the power lines that the pilot was able to avoid. There were so many things that could have been catastrophic but they didn’t happen,” the post read.

Vincent Fraser is a Florida Navy veteran and only recently acquired his pilot’s license. He has about a year of solo flying experience.

Recalling the moment, Mr. Fraser said GLANCE News“It was just, I had to save Jeff (Mr Fraser’s father-in-law), that’s my goal was to save our lives, and save people on the ground and with as little damage as possible.”

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Going back to the dramatic video, the clip received over 700,000 views and over 5,000 likes. Netizens praised the new pilot for his incredible work. One user wrote: “That was amazing! They drove the plane better on the freeway than most cars that drive on the freeway! Another said: “Thank goodness everyone is safe. Great job from the driver and all the cars on the road. Amazing.” “Incredible skill and luck on that one. Great pilot job!” third added.

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