A Letter box critic of this film simply wrote: “Yikes.”

An annoyed Reddit The user shared an r/mildly unnerving video of a woman sitting next to them watching a music movie about the robbery at full throttle without headphones, but that’s not the most gruesome part of her crime.

This dishonor goes to his choice of film, which is none other than the critical film of 2021 Cinderellafeaturing Camila Cabello, Idina Menzel, Mickey DriverBilly Porter, Pierce Brosnan and the recently banned from a famous New York restaurant James Cordon.

In this particular clip, the passenger watches Nicholas Galitzine’s Prince Robert sing his little heart out at Queen’s someone to lovean interpretation in particular that many critics took issue with upon the film’s release.

“SURELY NOT! someone to love is Ella, enchanted“s”, a Letter box the user wrote in reference to Anne Hathawayfrom 2004 Cinderella-movie inspired.

Another one Letter box The user was more thorough in their takedown of the movie version, writing, “There are millions of love songs in the history of music discography. Literally millions. Whitney Houston, The Beatles, Michael Bublé , the Beach Boys. So many options. You could have chosen ANY love song, Cinderella (2021). But NO, you MUST choose Queen’s someone to love. A song that has already been performed to the greatest PERFECTION by a Miss Anne Hathaway in the far superior live-action Cinderella adaptation, Ella, enchanted (2004).

“Why would you even dare, even try to touch the absolute kino that is this song in this scene of this movie. Hugh Dancy didn’t catch Anne Hathaway mid-swirl for that. Anne Hathaway didn’t put all its p—y in that performance just to make it happen It was already an insult that you got Minnie Driver in that movie, who played Mandy in Ella, enchanted (2004), but to choose someone to love out of every other love song in the world that the prince sings in this movie, it’s just rubbing salt in the wound. F— you, Cinderella (2021). I hope Billy Porter and Adele Dazeem [Mendel] make enough money out of this to dive into a coin pool like Scrooge McDuck, because they wore this s—. Flow Shining star and materialistic girlyou mothers—ers.

As for the Passenger choosing to subject their fellow travelers to a movie in the first place, Reddit users weren’t impressed.

“This is not ‘mildly’ infuriating. Very disgusting,” one user wrote. “It’s not like she’s going to die if she doesn’t see the musical again during a flight. Very annoying to deal with people who have no regard for those around them.”

“Exactly. If she knew her tablet didn’t have a headphone jack, she should have gotten some Bluetooth headphones before her flight,” another user agreed.

One user suggested a little revenge: “Use your phone to play the same musical about 15 seconds into its playing time so there’s always an echo.”

The passenger who shared the video then shared an update on the situation, further infuriating followers of the post.

“Another passenger asked her to use headphones. She said her tablet didn’t have a headphone jack and continued to watch her movie,” they wrote.

“The passenger said she didn’t want to watch the movie. The woman in the movie changed the subject and started arguing about the other woman not wearing a mask for the flight (masks are optional ).”


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