All was not as it seemed when officers were called in to point out men with long barreled rifles on a motorway bridge in North Yorkshire.

A member of the public reported several men in two cars on an overflight of the A1 (M) at Dishforth yesterday (December 21).

A man opened the trunk of a car and pulled out what the member of the public described as a “long barrel firearm”.

The operational support unit was dispatched with armed officers.

A drone camera was launched to gather information as part of the police response.

It turned out that the three men intended to shoot something, but only photographs.

Their hobby was spotting trucks and the “long barrel pistol” was actually a long lens camera that they used to take pictures of passing rail cars.

After checking that everything was fine, the officers let them go.

“The member of the public was absolutely right to report his suspicions. Prevention is always better than cure ”said a spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police


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