After the initial setup, it is easy to take off the drone, pull the two sticks to the middle and the props start, release the left stick and the drone rises steadily from the ground.

After a few quick in-flight checks, everything seemed fine, I activated the object avoidance sensors right off the bat, and the first flight was smooth and solid in standard flight mode.

Shifting smoothly and the flight speed is sluggish, but of course the image quality and stability can only be described as smooth. With Smooth mode flight speed and sensors, the EVO Nano is incredibly easy to control. While the conditions are calm, with only the slightest of breezes, the drone’s control is reassuringly solid.

Switch to ridiculous flight mode and the pace picks up – it’s not FPV speed by any means but fast enough for you to have fun and get the drone to the position you want to start filming before switching to Smooth .

Filming can be controlled through the Autel Sky app, just a tap on the screen to start and stop recording. Likewise, all settings are accessible via the touchscreen interface.

If desired, there is a direct record/shutter button on the top right of the controller. Next to the knob is the gimbal angle adjustment; rotate it left or right to decrease or increase the angle during flight.

While I’m on the controller there’s the home button, press that, and the drone will fly back to the takeoff point, although once it’s started its journey there’s no way to stop it or cancel the order.

To the right is the pause button; it’s handy if you want to take a break from the flight and leave the drone hovering in one position; press release to put it back in flight.

Accessing all the different photo and video modes is also extremely easy. A tap on the icon at the top allows you to switch between manual camera, panorama and many other options.

Overall in flight the little Autel EVO Nano was outstanding, smooth when you needed it to film and picking up the pace when you wanted to have fun.

Coming home and checking out the footage, the quality immediately stood out; this drone was more than capable of capturing some of the highest quality footage possible from a drone of this size.

Detail in 4K video at 30 fps is outstanding, although the frame rate drop made little or no sense to me. Checking the footage at 2K and 1080p, the tone and color quality is excellent. Too bad frame rates at 1080p are still limited to a rather low 60fps.

There’s also a slight issue with lens flare that you’ll see in some footage; Overall, considering the size of the drone, however, the quality is outstanding.


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