Britney Spears appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Showin October 2018 to share what was billed as a “big announcement.” Unfortunately, the short chat with DeGeneres didn’t yield much information. In essence, the star “announced” she would be making a “big announcement” on October 18. DeGeneres, slightly puzzled, offered to host the mysterious event on her livestream. watching an enthusiastic Kalen Allen give a play-by-play of the “announcement” on behalf of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

After several minutes of hype, clips of Spears’ hit songs begin to explode as the exterior of the Park MGM hotel in Las Vegas lights up with video footage related to her career. Eventually, a graphic announcing his upcoming “Domination” residency is finalized. Spears then appears at the top of a black staircase amid a fanfare of smoke, music, and fireworks. Looking a bit confused, she waves a few times, looks around, and stands there for a minute before walking down the stairs to the red carpet below. Once there, she heads towards a multitude of fans who have come to watch the show. She signs autographs and approaches Allen who, strangely, is no longer holding a microphone. The two have an interaction for a few seconds (which cannot be heard), after which she jumps into an SUV and leaves.

Needless to say, the whole affair was a bit confusing to anyone who witnessed it.


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