CLINTON – The Clinton County Board of Supervisors on Monday authorized the county to move forward with the replacement of the courthouse security camera system.

Controllers unanimously approved a resolution to replace the system. Based on the recommendation of Clinton County CIO Paul Banowetz and Facilities Manager Corey Johnson, supervisors want to strike deal with Tri City Electric to upgrade security camera system of the county courthouse, the resolution reads. The resolution authorized Banowetz to sign the agreement with Tri-City Electric, the resolution says. The cost of the upgrades is $ 24,250.

One of the main reasons for the improvements is that the county would like to have a camera in the hallway near the Clinton County Resource Center, Clinton County Auditor Eric Van Lancker said.

“This is a project we talked about last week,” Van Lancker said. We had an estimate on that. We decided to go ahead for several reasons. But one of the reasons is that we would like to have a camera in the hallway near the Resource Center. But it’s also a necessary upgrade. ”

Van Lancker believes the cost of the project will result in a budget change later in the year. The county can kick off the project now and pay for what is needed before it needs the budget amendment in the second round of budget amendments, he said.

“It will be a similar upgrade to what we have done, well what is being done right now, in the administration building,” said Van Lancker. “Upgraded cameras, better views, better resolution, better coverage of the entire courthouse.”

In July, supervisors approved the county to proceed with a security camera project in the Clinton County Administrative Building. The estimated cost of the administrative building improvements was approximately $ 43,000.


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