GARNER, North Carolina (WTVD) – Vacation rental bookings are growing in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the Airbnb incident of a Triangle family has left them with no vacations or money.

It all started with a reservation made by Jensey Diaz through Airbnb. She and her family were planning to enjoy a getaway to the Washington DC area.

“We just wanted to hang out in a place where we didn’t need to be close to people, where there was social distancing as well,” Diaz said.

She rented an entire house in Burke, Virginia, but when they arrived there were immediately red flags.

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“We had never stayed in an Airbnb that you walk in and there are razors, toothbrushes, dirty underwear and a basket – all of her stuff was in the Airbnb,” Diaz recalls.

Still, Diaz said she and her family looked past these things and headed for dinner. Then when they returned and settled into the rental house, they noticed a camera inside the house.

“That’s where I said, ‘We’re leaving, pack your things, take the dogs, take everything, let’s get out of here,’” Diaz said.

As they were getting their things ready to leave, the situation worsened: the police arrived.

Two officers confronted Diaz and his family. The owner of the house called the police believing that Diaz and his family were squatters trying to take over the house.

Diaz showed agents his Airbnb reservation on the house, and it was quickly sorted out. Diaz said the owner of the house told police: “My wife isn’t there, but they’re not breaking in, I agree with Airbnb. It’s just that my wife isn’t here. didn’t know. “

Diaz had had enough and checked the Airbnb rental, claiming that she immediately reported the issues to Airbnb.

“They said they were still investigating, that they had destroyed a property, but that’s all they went,” Diaz said.

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After not getting a response from Airbnb with a resolution, Diaz contacted the Diane Wilson troubleshooter. Wilson contacted Airbnb and although they did not contact her, the rep contacted Diaz and gave her a full refund, as well as a $ 600 Airbnb credit for her problems.

“I just want people to know that this is what is happening that people are taking advantage of, especially right now during the pandemic,” Diaz added.

The best advice is to do your research on the properties, read the reviews. If you check in and there is a problem, document it by taking photos and videos and report the problems immediately.

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