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Have you ever thought about buying a camera and getting into photography? Have you thought about spending a lot of money to buy an expensive camera? Before we do that, we’ve compiled a list of indicators that might change your mind for the better.

1. Expensive equipment but no ideas

A camera costing $ 1,000 or more will work better, but that’s no guarantee of success. There are many factors that matter when someone wants to be good at photography. The camera will allow the photographer to have high quality images due to its characteristics, but the camera will not be responsible for lighting, composition, originality or creativity.

For aspiring photographers who want to become professionals and for amateurs who take pictures just for fun – having an expensive camera but not knowing what to do with it is a bit like buying a dress for $ 1000 but not not have the opportunity to wear it. this.

2. Rule of thirds

It doesn’t take an expensive camera to make the images more appealing to viewers. For example, there is a trick that many filmmakers and photographers learn to use when they become more experienced in their craft, and this is called the “rule of thirds”.

So what is it? This is the process of dividing an image into thirds using 2 vertical lines and 2 horizontal lines, which in turn creates a grid that cuts an image into 9 parts with 4 intersection points.

The trick is to have an off-center image or shot. Why? According to experts, an off-center visual is more visually appealing to the eye, as this is where the eye goes first. In addition, it is more natural compared to a centered image.

On that note, it’s important to understand that composition matters a lot when taking beautiful and impactful photos, not just equipment.

3. High-performance entry-level cameras

Entry-level cameras usually refer to the cheapest cameras created by a manufacturer that target newcomers to photography who might not know what to buy. For example, there are many entry-level DSLR (single lens digital SLR) cameras.

In any case, a very expensive camera is not necessary for good performance and good images. DSLRs can also be accessorized, which gives them even more advantages. So, for photographers looking to get more for less, try buying an entry-level camera after doing some research.

4. Learn how to use the settings

At some point, auto shooting will not give you an advantage or get you closer to the style of photos you want to take. It is therefore essential to know the parameters and to modify them.

Here are some important examples:

  • Aperture: This setting controls the amount of light that passes through the camera lens, by changing it, photographers can choose how much lighting they want or how to play with the lighting.
  • ISO: Much like aperture, the ISO setting also controls how much light the camera will let in. If you don’t know what to do with it, keep it on the lowest setting.
  • Shutter speed: The shutter speed controls the speed of the shutter – how fast will it close? The faster the shutter speed, the shorter the exposure. The slower the shutter speed, the longer the exposure. When photographers play with shutter speed, they can manipulate the time and motion of the composition, resulting in interesting shots.

Having expensive equipment but not learning the basics, like settings, can hinder the process of becoming a better, knowledgeable photographer.

5. Invest in other equipment

Accessorizing and investing in other equipment might actually have a better impact on your photography than an expensive camera. Good lenses, lighting equipment, lenses, filters, tripods, and even photography lessons – these can be specialist or general lessons.

There are so many cool accessories that can be paired with the camera. A drone, for example, can take pictures high in the air. A camera stabilizer can solve the problem of shaking hands.

Photographers looking to improve themselves should think about what could take their shots to the next level, instead of buying the more expensive camera without looking at other options.

6. iPhones, publishing and creativity

Smartphones, especially Apple iPhones, have impressive cameras that get better with each new model. Newer iPhone models, for example, are equipped with functions of slow motion, timelapse, 4k video, and more. IPhones even beat a lot of older DSLR cameras.

Additionally, there are plenty of creatives on Instagram who only use their iPhones and always come up with amazing photos, due to editing and creativity. Even some YouTubers only take videos with their phones.

Nothing prevents someone from taking better photos, it all depends on what they do with that photo and how creative they can be when shooting it. Creativity can set a photo apart, and the desire to keep learning can cultivate originality. Ultimately, photography is an art.


So with all of that said, it’s clear that budding photographers and photographers, in general, don’t need a $ 1,000 camera to get into photography, or to be good at it. We will not discourage those who are willing to buy expensive equipment, because good equipment obviously has many advantages and advantages.

We just wanted to enlighten and encourage those who might have hesitated. Even on a small budget, you can still be great at photography. Taking the time to learn, buy useful accessories, try out a few tricks, experiment with editing, and prioritize creativity can be more vital to becoming a great photographer than a camera. expensive photo.


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