Dream Chip has released its new AtomOne Mini Zoom camera, a miniature camera that introduces zoom functionality into a camera with dimensions of just 60x80mm and weight of just 267g, and enabling resolution up to 1080p60.

The Dream Chip Atom One mini-zoom camera.

The Zoom feature was designed to facilitate more efficient cropping of shots, making the camera even more effective for deployment in unusual and creative locations. The base aperture sits at F1.6 – 2.9mm, allowing for 130° wide-angle shooting, and allows the frame to be reduced to a 66° shooting angle at 9mm. With such a miniature size, the camera can be added to a wide range of locations without being distracting or interfering with the action; for example, on the bumpers and dashboards of racing cars, behind goals, on the nets or just at the edge of action venues.

The aim of the entire AtomOne range has always been to bring audiences closer to the action, delivering shots that capture emotion and energy more effectively than traditional cameras which, due to their size, have to be positioned more neutrally. Now, with the Zoom cropping capability, these images can become even more dynamic and provide an additional tool in a creative professional’s arsenal, allowing in particular to focus on individual action components, facial reactions or emotional details. Indeed, production teams are able to maintain full creative control over all elements of the shot, as the AtomOne Mini Zoom maintains full remote iris control and can be color matched with other cameras in the production setup using color support multi-matrix. The net result is pristine, crisp, high-quality images that creatives can use to enhance their productions.

The decision to add a product with zoom functionality to AtomOne’s already extensive range – which includes super slow motion and underwater models – stems from the resounding success the original product has had in the market and the recognition that improvements would further expand the range. of applications for which the camera is suitable. The process has been undertaken through both continuous innovation within Dream Chip and close consultation with existing customers – resulting in a product that both meets the needs of the broadcast market, but also pushes expectations of what can be achieved.

The new AtomOne mini Zoom is also distinguished by its camera housing, which not only uses specifically selected materials to give a robust structure and an elegant look, but also moves all the connection points inside the housing to reduce the risk fatigue or connection failure. This is particularly important due to the fact that the miniature size of the camera means that it is often deployed in harsh conditions where there is a high risk of impact or vibration.

In addition to Zoom functionality, Dream Chip has teamed up with Bradley Remote to add the potential for pan-tilt functionality, turning the AtomOne mini Zoom into one of the smallest PTZ cameras on the market. Not only beneficial in the sports market, this adds remarkable potential to the camera in areas outside of broadcast – creating opportunities for much more discreet AV recording in commercial, entertainment, religious and educational contexts.

Speaking of the evolution of the AtomOne mini Zoom, Christian Kühn, Product Sales Marketing Manager said: “The AtomOne range has always been about providing creative possibilities that cannot be achieved with larger cameras. Whether mounted on a net, a drone or the front bumper of a car, our cameras bring audiences closer to the action and enable the communication of excitement and emotion. The development of these elements is always at the center of our continuous and intensive research and development process.


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