Jurgen Spiteri (@itsjurgens on Instagram), a photographer who was shooting footage inside Kalkara, saw his drone shot down and damaged by what he believes to be a fighter.

When he managed to land the drone, it had suffered damage resulting in a missing propeller, a lead hole, as well as various scratches.

“As soon as I approached the fields of the area I was filming, I heard three gunshots, and soon after the camera feed started to waver,” Spiteri told Lovin Malta.

“Immediately I realized they had fired at the drone, so I flew higher and started slowly bringing the drone back towards me. On the way back it kept wobbling here and there and when it landed I found a missing propeller, a pellet hole and scratches on the front of the drone also caused by the pellet,” he said. he said, also submitting photos of the damaged drone. .

Since he was shooting footage using a drone, he was quite a distance from the area he thinks the shot came from, but Spiteri believes it was a hunter who fired at the drone.

“90% of the time a drone doesn’t fly to spy on people like many people think and fantasize about. Most drones have a wide angle lens and it needs to be about 10 meters from the subject to get a shot of someone that is recognizable,” Spiteri explained.

“Although in this particular case I feel like they shot the drone either because they thought it was from an environmental NGO like CABS or to not scare the birds away so that they can hunt,” he said.

When asked if he had filed a police report for the ordeal, Spiteri explained that he didn’t think it would make much of a difference.

“No, I haven’t filed a complaint with the police – I don’t have much hope of filing a complaint with the police because they always come up with all sorts of excuses and there’s nothing they can do unless to be caught red-handed on camera,” he said. .

Have you ever encountered something similar?


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