In the first leaked images of Facebook’s smartwatch, it’s clear: there is a notch, which is the kind of thing people like to laugh at, and what looks like a front camera. In the photo, the watch screen is off, but the little camera eye is clearly visible.

The picture, which was first reported by Bloomberg, was found in the company’s app for its Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses. The watch, called “Milan” in the code, has a large screen like the Apple Watch – but this smartwatch doesn’t have a camera. Today’s image may not be a version consumers never see, according to Bloomberg. Still, this confirms earlier reports of Facebook’s work.

If this is the same watch we talked about in June, there will also be a second removable camera. The front camera can be used for video calls and has a reasonably high resolution of 1080p. The watch will support LTE. In February, Information reported that the watch will have health, fitness and messaging functions.

In June, it was planned to launch the device in the summer of 2022, although BloombergThe source says there has not yet been a final decision on when to release.

The smartwatch market is dominated by Google, Garmin, Samsung and Apple. So to stand out, Facebook’s offer is closer to a smartphone. Highlighting the rivalry, CEO Mark Zuckerberg launched several punches at what he called “closed platforms”, possibly referring to Android and iOS, over the course of Thursday Keynote Connect. Earlier this week, in its call for results, Facebook partially blamed Apple’s ad tracking features for missed revenue targets.

Earlier today, Facebook renamed its parent company Meta. But a 2014 MetaWatch already exists. Hopefully that will result in some weird trademark and intellectual property lawsuits – and the legal discovery that goes with it.

The company formerly known as Facebook declined to comment for this story.

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