The UFO captured on video by the Pentagon is a glare on the Navy jet’s gimbal camera system, according to UFO skeptics.

The images were taken in 2004 and were confirmed by the Navy to be authentic in September 2019 before being released a year later.

The 2004 video was filmed 100 miles out in the Pacific. “As I approached it…it accelerated south rapidly and was gone in less than two seconds,” said retired US Navy pilot David Fravor. CNN in 2017.

“It was extremely abrupt, like a ping pong ball, bouncing off a wall. It would hit and go the other way.

However, UFO investigator Mick West says there are four aspects of the footage that suggest it is actually a camera artifact rather than an alien craft: no rotation during tilt, bumps before rotation, rotation patterns, and derotation matches – where shame rotation is the amount of derotation needed to track the target.

Although the object appears to defy aerodynamics in the way it moves, Mr West argues that what we are seeing is actually a reflection hiding a different object. This object is still unknown, he said, and could be “really interesting”, but information extracted from Navy videos suggests that an alien craft may not be the best explanation.

The infrared camera used shows that the object was hot, and that it was zoomed in enormously. When the pilot describes the rotation of the object, he is looking at the same screen as everyday viewers because the object is several miles away and too far away to be seen with the naked eye.

Mr West suggests the object rotates the way it does because the camera rotates when tracking the UFO from left to right, and its odd shape is simply the result of excess thermal energy giving it its circular body and its strange points.

“So if it’s not glare, then we have an object over 10 miles away – probably 30 – that somehow spins as the jet spins so it stays fixed in the frame of the camera. It’s an object that somehow hits the camera before it spins,” West explains in a video he posted online.

“It’s an object that sort of projects rotating light patterns that rotate with it. It’s an object that spins in a way that’s exactly the amount needed to stay within three degrees of a gimbal system that tracks the target while minimizing roll, but just from that plane at that pitch and at this angle of inclination. Or, it’s a dazzle, spinning because of the gimbal system, in a video called “Gimbal.”

Although there are reports that there was a “fleet” of the strange craft, Mr West does not respond to these claims.

The US government appears to be lifting the veil of secrecy surrounding its knowledge of UFOs, and a recent Gallup poll suggests a third of Americans think some UFOs could be explained by alien spacecraft.


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