FLINT, MI — The police department’s perspective on the Flint crime may be better focused after the city council meeting scheduled for Monday, August 22.

Board members are asked to give final approval at their Monday meeting to spend $92,500 with Flock Safety on a deal with the company, which will cover the annual cost of maintaining a network of 68 cameras purchased last week. last year and installed in crime hotspots. the city.

Last November, the board approved increasing Flint’s array of Flock cameras, integrated with gunshot detection, from 25 to 68 and Chief Terence Green credited the technology for already helping agents to solve crimes ranging from property theft to homicide.

“They solved and prevented many violent crimes – homicides, shootings, drive-by shootings,” Green told the board during a committee meeting last week.

MLive-The Flint Journal could not immediately reach Green or a city spokeswoman for comment on the Flock resolution on Monday, but information provided to council indicates the city plans to use the funding to commission its fleet. enlargement of cameras during the current exercise. year.

Green said the coverage provided by the city’s 68 surveillance cameras wasn’t enough to cover every corner of the city, but said the cameras did provide coverage for some of Flint’s highest crime areas.

He said the camera footage is accessible to duty officers as well as those who work at the department’s intelligence center.

Last year, after an initial purchase of 25 cameras, Green said he hoped the technology could help in investigations related to shootings and drive-by shootings.

“We will do everything we can to fight this violent crime. We’re going to hit those drive-by shooters, those individuals involved in gun violence, we’re going to hit them with whatever we have so more technology that will help us do our jobs, help men and women do their jobs, we’re going to are going to invest in that,” the police chief said at the time.

1st Ward Councilman Eric Mays, who offered to buy even more cameras during budget discussions leading up to the current fiscal year, said he thought more coverage was still needed.

“I want to spend more money on cameras… Hotspots can pop up from anywhere,” Mays said during a committee meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 17.

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