The very bumpy landing of a Qatar Airways cargo plane in the Netherlands was filmed.

Jerry Dyer filmed the wheels of the jet bouncing on the tarmac and shared the moment online. He described the situation as he expertly watched the cargo plane land in the severe weather conditions at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Dyer, founder, presenter and producer of widescreen television, a live streaming platform specializing in aviation, said: “Easy! A Qatar Airways Boeing 747-8F A7-BGB lands in a crosswind on runway 27 at Schipol Airport.

“A British Airways pilot recently explained to me the ‘procedures’ for landing the 747 in a crosswind. He said ‘land her in the crab and swing your tail on touchdown, otherwise you can get caught out of shape'”.

The plane landed safely, but it was a bumpy landing.

Big Jet TV via SWNS/AP

The plane landed safely, but it was a bumpy landing.

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Commentators on the video praised the skill of the pilots.

“That’s how you land any heavy plane in a crosswind,” one wrote.

“I hope the captain brought a change of pants!” writes another.

– SWNS via AP


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