Nicole Barhamfounder of Design your heritageis an exemplary entrepreneur who proves that the possibility of turning a side business into a lucrative online business is so real.

With Design Your Wealth, Nicole Barham uses her experience to provide financial peace of mind to women entrepreneurs. The company acts as a platform for members to access resources that help plan, track and forecast finances for business and in life.

“I started the business after my own experience of not managing my finances properly landed me in bankruptcy court,” she said. TIME. I have a background in accounting and spent years dealing with my employer’s finances, so it was particularly heartbreaking to have this position.

In what she calls a rebuilding process, Barham felt empowered to not only regain control of her finances, but to encourage others to do the same.

“I decided to use my skills to straighten out my finances and teach other women how to do the same so they can actually create wealth in their businesses,” she said.

Personal entrepreneurship is on the rise, especially the momentum of side businesses and online businesses. However, although it can be difficult to excel in all business tasks, money management is the priority that is often overlooked due to a lack of awareness.

According to Barham, his experiences told him that most people mismanage their finances and are overwhelmed by the “lack of simplicity in the tools and platforms we have”, as well as the “lack of support and accountability”.

“I’ve seen so many women entrepreneurs like me who don’t have a handle on their finances, don’t know if they’re making a profit or a loss, don’t set revenue goals and follow them, don’t create budgets , and were just rushing by the tax deadline to get all their numbers together.

“But more than that, I saw myself in them. I was in their shoes and I knew I had the expertise and the tools to help them.

According to TIMEBarham’s main offering is the membership program called 5 Minute Bookkeeper™which is an easy-to-implement business finance tracking and planning system that can be used to manage money in just five minutes a day.

“It’s our secret weapon to achieving incredible results for our clients,” says Barham. “It’s the difference between just having a gym membership and having a personal trainer. I wanted to make sure my clients got the results they wanted.

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