Numerous reports have hinted that Samsung plans to release three members of the Galaxy S21 lineup next year, the most-equipped model of which will likely be called the Galaxy S21 Ultra. There are a lot of things that should be different about this flagship compared to the Galaxy S20 Ultra, and a few things that will likely disappoint those who want to upgrade in 2021. Either way, one person claims that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will likely be an iterative successor to the 2020 flagship, but let’s talk about details that could be different on this.

The new camera system belonging to the Galaxy S21 Ultra suggests that the upcoming model could feature two telephoto lenses, as it was said before

First, let’s get to what apparently isn’t going to change between the Galaxy S21 Ultra and the Galaxy S20 Ultra. According to Twitter user The Galox, the flagship will feature a 5,000mAh cell, leaving the capacity unchanged from this year’s model. Previously, the Galaxy S21 Ultra had received 3C certification, unofficially confirming that Samsung would use the same capacity.

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That’s not a bad thing to be honest, because according to the effectiveness of the rumored Exynos 2100, which is Samsung’s first custom 5nm chipset to be unveiled soon, you can expect a difference of a few hours in the screen time or just a few minutes.

Then again, tipster Ice Universe said that while the new Exynos chipset won’t beat the Snapdragon 875, it will close the performance and efficiency gap, suggesting that it will offer better battery-saving features than the Snapdragon 875. ‘Exynos 990, so we’re looking forward to seeing these improvements. As for what has potentially changed, the Galaxy S21 Ultra could come with Qualcomm’s Ultrasonic Max, which is an on-screen sensor 17 times larger than its predecessor and more secure at the same time.

Also, the tweet mentioned a new camera system, but the person unfortunately didn’t mention any details. However, in a previous report it was stated that the Galaxy S21 Ultra could take advantage of two telephoto lenses instead of one, which would allow the flagship to achieve higher zoom levels. This report also mentioned that the top-of-the-line handset will sport a 40 MP selfie camera that will likely be housed in a punched-out style like this year’s model.

All in all, if we take a look at these specs from a first impression, Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra might just be an iterative successor to the Galaxy S20 Ultra, but as there is more information to be discussed in the near future. , let’s not jump to conclusions. so early.

News Source: The Galox


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