The Galaxy S23 is still a long way off, with Samsung set to unveil the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 in a few weeks. But the 2023 flagship has started showing up in leaks. The latest rumor claims that the Galaxy S23 Ultra will feature the same zoom camera as its predecessor. According to a new report, it will have a 10-megapixel shooter, like in previous years.

Samsung may be looking to cut costs by sticking with a tried-and-true telephoto sensor. But that’s not necessarily bad considering the gloomy outlook for Android handset sales in the coming months. Moreover, the zoom performance of the Galaxy S22 Ultra is already spectacular. Why fix what isn’t broken?

The Galaxy S Ultra introduced Samsung’s first periscope zoom cameras. The Galaxy S20 Ultra was the first Samsung phone to support 100x zoom, which was more of a marketing gimmick than a feature you could reliably use. The internet was full at the time of camera samples at various zoom levels, but anything over 30x showed that Samsung’s super resolution zoom wasn’t something most people needed.

Fast forward to the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s periscope camera, and the zooming experience has improved dramatically. These samples showing photos with 100x zoom are much cleaner. And they are finally usable.

Galaxy S23 Ultra zoom camera

That’s not to say Samsung can’t continue to improve the Zoom experience on future phones like the Galaxy S23 Ultra. But it could do so using software rather than drastic hardware changes. The people at GalaxyClub have learned that the Galaxy S23 Ultra will feature the same 10-megapixel telephoto lens as its predecessor. As a reminder, the Ultra phones actually have two zoom cameras.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra has two 10-megapixel zoom cameras with similar specs. Only one of them is a periscope lens.

If the rumored Galaxy S23 Ultra camera is accurate, the phone could also feature dual 10-megapixel zoom cameras.

Well-known leak ice universe Already accuses Samsung of cutting costs. The Korean giant faced similar allegations earlier this year when the Galaxy S22 throttling disorder was revealed. At the time, Samsung had to apologize to shareholders and customers. Among other things, Samsung said it did not reduce the manufacturing costs of the Galaxy S22 series. But those discussions have focused on the Galaxy S22’s chip technology and cooling capabilities.

The camera upgrade that really matters

Coming back to the Galaxy S23 Ultra, the same Ice has praised the zoom experience of the S22 Ultra in the past. Maybe cutting zoom camera costs isn’t bad considering the state of the economy. The S22 Ultra zoom experience is already amazing. And we’re always looking at zoom features that users might not need in most cases.

What’s really important in a flagship phone is the primary camera experience. And there are rumors that Samsung is already including a 200-megapixel sensor in the rear camera setup of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. It’s the kind of camera upgrade that will matter more than zoom camera hardware.

We’ll have plenty of time to uncover the secrets behind the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s camera. Samsung’s new flagship series won’t launch until early 2023, and everything will leak by then.


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