Google Street View recently celebrated its 15th anniversary, during which it received some fantastic features. First, he received a new camera capable of capturing a 360-degree view of the world. It could capture the images of mountain peaks, remote islands, local towns and under-mapped areas like the Amazon jungles.

One of its many unique features is the locations time capsule. Whether you are an Android or iOS user, you can now tap on a place and get a historical view of that place. You will be able to see what it looked like in any given year and how it evolved. You will also be able to see its Street View images simultaneously.

You need to tap on a location and select see more dates. You will be able to see images up to 2007, the year Google Street View was introduced. One of its other take-out features is that it is modular and portable. According to Google, “it’s about the size of a house cat.”

Even though it’s small, it can take its resolution images and process them surprisingly well. It weighs 15 pounds and can hold various camera components. Street View can be useful for adding business details to Google Maps, enhancing its Live View functionality, and providing viewers with immersive images of locations.

The camera can be customized to add or remove various features such as laser scanners, lidar sensors, etc. You can install it on any Street View car, vehicle with roof racks and tourers and use it only with your phone. The absence of complex processing equipment or specialized vehicles makes it a must.

Google Street View contains over 220 billion Street View images from 100 countries and territories. These images come from Google and its partners around the world.

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