The best GoPro cameras (opens in a new tab) can be taken on your travels and used to capture the most daring adventures, but best 360 cameras (opens in a new tab) can help you shoot that radical sports documentary you’ve always wanted to film – essentially getting every angle you can think of for studio post-production work.

However, you might want to hold off on spending your money for now, as GoPro Max 2 rumors have now started to gain traction. Why is this interesting? Well, we could potentially see the action camera brand take it a step further by releasing a new 360 with better integrated software, because previously editing footage from the GoPro Max was a bit of a laborious task.

Excerpt from the GoPro patent (Image credit: GoPro/USPTO)

A recent Patent application by GoPro (opens in a new tab) shows a variety of images that could be chosen as a starting point for each frame or angle to choose from. This will be done in editing software and will make the whole 360 ​​degree camera editing nightmare a smooth reality.

In the app it says: “A video may include a capture of a scene, such as a wide field of view capture of the scene. A trim of the video may provide framing of the captured scene. The clipping can be determined based on the context of the video, such as the type of scene captured in the video, the movement of the image capturing device that captured the video, the video and/or the movement of one or more things in the captured scene.”

This rather cryptic summary of the patent application suggests that GoPro is working on software to help decide which frames from a scene are best to keep or edit in your action-packed videos. It could also lend itself to producing non-360 degree video, using all of the 360 ​​degree footage and then condensing it down to single angles for a “flat” video that can be viewed without any 360 degree viewing device.

GoPro Max 2 patent

(Image credit: GoPro/USPTO)

As you can see from the images taken from this app, it clearly shows five images all taken at the same time, but from different angles of the 360 ​​degree video, like a close-up on a “mini-world” view. of your surroundings.

It looks a lot like the recently announced Insta 360 drone camera. However, I think this software could be released and implemented in the next iteration of the GoPro Max 360 camera. Logically much of this would be done in software after the 360 ​​video is taken, but if you want a higher quality video than 1080p, GoPro is expected to introduce a 12K 360 image. There is currently no suggestion that this will happen, but it would certainly put it ahead of its competition.

GoPro Max 2: what we want to see

Video resolution:

Currently, the GoPro Max is capable of capturing 5K video and 5.7K or 4992 x 2496 photos at 25 or 30 fps. To have high resolution “flat” video, I would like to see 12K introduced to be able to deliver 4K “flat” video.

Slow motion:

Currently the GoPro Max doesn’t have a slow motion setting so it’s being left behind in the 360 ​​camera race by Insta 360. I wish the GoPro Max 2 had at least a 100fps mode even if it was 1080p…

Better dynamic range:

Even though images from the GoPro Max can look bright when viewed individually, when compared to Insta360 rivals, it’s clear to see that the GoPro Max lacks dynamic range, resulting in an overall image that is worse than the one expected from a GoPro product. . If the new Max 2 offered better dynamic range and was able to better control highlight reduction, it would have a winning product.

GoPro Max 2: When will it be launched?

GoPro Hero models are normally updated every year almost like clockwork – but the old GoPro Max is now approaching 3 years old in October 2022 and definitely needs updating. GoPro is expected to announce the GoPro Hero 11 in September 2022. It could also be the perfect time to announce a new 360 camera. Of course, all of this information is just speculation, until GoPro announces officially the details of the GoPro Max 2.

The market for 360 cameras is constantly growing. With the benchmark now truly set by the likes on Insta 360, GoPro will have to pull out all the stops to regain market share.

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