Considered the biggest photo game in the world, GuruShots is an online platform that offers a fun and structured way to showcase your images while gaining global exposure for your work.

By competing in epic challenges against millions of photographers, you can earn instant feedback from over three billion monthly votes and increase your Rookie Rank to ultimate Guru status (and bragging rights).

GuruShots challenges are voted on by platform gurus and the wider community, and there’s a new challenge every day. Winners can receive prizes from GuruShots sponsors such as Adorama, Kodak, Lowepro and Lensbaby.

With the Almost Black challenge, we wanted you to show off your best images that were almost but not quite black, with low-key exposures, whether it’s portraits, flowers, or fine art!

The winning images didn’t disappoint, and we enjoyed the use of colored gels on a black background (Guru’s Top Pick), abstract animals (16) and a moody lit street scene (23). We recommend scrolling through all the images to see how top photographers interpreted the brief.

The top 20 images will be published in Practical Photoshop Magazine, and we’re happy to feature those images below, along with the rest of the top photography featured in the gallery that follows.

Best Photographer (Image credit: Sleeping Rabbit – France)

Top picture (Image credit: César Passos – Portugal)

The Guru’s Best Choice (Image credit: danmaslanka – UK)

#4 (Image credit: Stephanie Rohsfeld – USA)

#5 (Image credit: Maja Pracaić – Croatia)

#6 (Image credit: Ann Cason – USA)

#7 (Image credit: Constantin Pappas – France)

#8 (Image credit: Michael Priddey – UK)

#9 (Image credit: ZY Sjahrial – Malaysia)

#ten (Image credit: Fabiano Dos Santos – USA)

#11 (Image credit: Hasan OK – Turkey)

#12 (Image credit: Serena Vachon – USA)

#13 (Image credit: eleegp – USA)

#14 (Image credit: Viktoria Farkas – USA)

#15 (Image credit: Hans Comprix – USA)

#16 (Image credit: Radek Matouš – Czechia)

#17 (Image credit: Marleen – Norway)

#18 (Image credit: Caleb Stewart – USA)

#19 (Image credit: Ivo Stolar – Czech Republic)

#20 (Image credit: PG Photography – India)

#21 (Image credit: Julie Hayzlett – USA)

#22 (Image credit: Vernon Watkins – USA)

#23 (Image credit: Marc Ollivier – Luxembourg)

Here are the remaining images of the best entries from GuruShots’ Mostly Black contest – click the arrows to scroll through the full gallery of stunning entries.

To find out more, register and take part in the next challenge, go to


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