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The “Your Magazine Photo” contest is all about choosing your most post-worthy photo, and there were some amazing entries that could grace the pages of the posts.

Perhaps our favorite shot, and a fantastic editorial image, is Louis Nauche’s silhouetted photograph of a cyclist doing laps on a bicycle (03). We are also very impressed with the stunning black and white rainy street photo of Sergey Demchenko (23) and Iza ŁysoÅ„’s image of a collie jumping in a lavender field (22) is simply magical!

We also loved the haunting image of driftwood on a beach by Lars Lofman (02), and there were wonderful long exposures from Erik Enrico Ersson (01), Zdeněk Janovský (08) and Julien Serarre (21).

The top 20 images were published in Digital Photographer magazine, and we are happy to feature these images below, along with the rest of the top 500 photographs featured in the gallery that follows.

Best photographer (Image credit: Erik Enrico Ersson – Saint Helena)

Top photo (Image credit: Lars Lofman – Sweden)

The guru’s best choice (Image credit: Louis Nauche – France)

# 4 (Image credit: Gabriel Fox – Brazil)

# 5 (Image credit: Guy Wilson – Israel)

# 6 (Image credit: Zdenek Pachovsky – Czechia)

# 7 (Image credit: Tomáš Jurník – Czech Republic)

# 8 (Image credit: ZdenÄ›k Janovský – Czech Republic)

# 9 (Image credit: Brian Adamson – Canada)

#ten (Image credit: FMT_ Cdt.Feu – France)

# 11 (Image credit: Cattish Llama – Poland)

# 12 (Image credit: Peter Draemann – Switzerland)

# 13 (Image credit: Dad on duty – Canada)

# 14 (Image credit: Rufus Firefly – UK)

# 15 (Image credit: Margarida Afonso Silva – Portugal)

# 16 (Image credit: Denise Williams – US)

# 17 (Image credit: Gigi Cioffi Spanola – US)

# 18 (Image credit: Kate Blake – US)

# 19 (Image credit: Nicolene Dreyer – Australia)

# 20 (Image credit: ivan rabbit of the day – Mozambique)

# 21 (Image credit: Julien Serarre – Mexico)

# 22 (Image credit: Iza ŁysoÅ„ – Poland)

# 23 (Image credit: Sergey Demchenko – Ukraine)

Here are the remaining images of the top 500 entries for GuruShots’ Your Magazine Photo Contest – just click on the arrows to scroll through the full photo gallery.

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