SOUTHERN OREGON, Oregon – High Tech Aerial Footage of the Oregion Department of Fish and Wildlife helped find a California-wolf born in southern Oregion.

According to ODFW, the wolf migrated to the Klamath and Lake County area in late 2020.

The video was taken from around 10,000 feet above using an Oregion State Police Fish and Wildlife aircraft.

The infrared video camera was able to spot not only the California wolf, but he also spotted an Oregion-born one in the same place.

Using GPS radio collars helped find the two wolves, including the possibility of a new den site.

“When radio-collar signals from wolves seem to locate in particular areas for weeks in the spring, they probably have dens and they’ve probably given birth to pups,” said Amaroq Weiss, wolf advocate for the Center for biological diversity. said.

Although camera technology is not new, it is commonly used in anti-poaching operations, missing person searches, wildlife monitoring and much more.

The hope is that the combination of radio collars and infrared cameras will lead to more discoveries of wolf packs, like Oregion currently has 175 wolves in 21 packs.

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