The DJI Fly app received a major update today, one you’d definitely want to grab if you’re A) a Mavic 3 drone owner or B) an advanced user who finds the existing user interface extremely cumbersome when it comes to adjusting Pro camera settings.

DJI has discontinued the Fly app version 1.5.8 in tandem with the Mavic 3 aircraft firmware v01.00.0500. If you are a DJI Mavic 3 owner, the Fly app update will be required to use all the new features added to the drone today. These include the long-awaited QuickShots, Panorama Mode, QuickTransfer, Burst Shooting, Color Display Wizard for D-Log, and much more.

Suffice to say that with these updates, the already impressive Mavic 3 becomes a true aerial powerhouse. And if you’ve resisted because of missing flagship features, now’s a good time to pick yourself up. DJI’s best drone yet.

That said, the latest Fly app improvements aren’t just limited to new Mavic 3 features. Camera exposure from main app screen quite annoying. The large number of taps required, the difficulty with the small icons in the bottom right of the screen, especially when trying to optimize your flight time and trying to access the settings you need before shooting …the interface in the Pro mode has been a problem for many advanced users.

The latest Fly app update attempts to address this issue by optimizing the camera settings UI. With this small but fantastic improvement, access to settings like ISO, shutter speed and white balance just got a whole lot better – and closer to the more professional DJI Go app.

In the meantime, DJI says version 1.5.8 also fixes some issues with the Fly app, while optimizing its overall quality.

Initial user reactions to this update have been largely positive.

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