WELCOME to the latest edition of the camera club.

Once again, our wonderful visual storytellers walked around their localities with camera in hand to capture the best of what their region has to offer.

October will mean fewer and fewer daylight hours to make such discoveries as the days get closer and shorter.

However, the end of summer shouldn’t mean the end of positivity, hard as it is to find these days.


Author AA Milne wrote, “The end of summer is not the end of the world. Here is October”, while the philosopher Albert Canus wrote that “autumn is a second spring where each leaf is a flower”.

Certainly beauty can be found anywhere if you look hard enough and even with the death of summer we can learn from the season,

Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go because nature does not stand still and no matter how much we want to delay winter, it is coming.

This year will of course be among the harshest winters in over 40 years due to the cost of living crisis and with this in mind it is important to support each other more than ever as the nights come and the temperatures drop .

It is as gratifying to hear charities setting up heat centers as it is depressing that such things are needed in 2022.

However, it reaffirms what we all know that we live among wonderful people who go the extra mile to help their friends, family, and neighbors just because they know no one else will.

We should celebrate these everyday heroes and heroines every day.

Abandoned architecture in Llansilin. Photo by Wendy Clough Jones.

Tongues out for the camera. Photo by Vicky Brayne.

Views of Glyn Ceiriog. Photo by Marian Morris.

The Simple at Ellesmere. Photo by John Barrett.

Queen of the hill. Photo by Wendy Clough Jones.

Relax and unwind. Photo by Mary Morgan.

No need to be sheepish. Photo by Mary Morgan.

A coal tit takes flight. Photo by Paul Meakin.

Views of Rhydycroesau. Photo by Marian Morris.

Mooo-over mom. Photo by Tony Wright.

Views on Nant Mawr’s career. Photo by Tony Wright.

Pointing to the heavens. Photo by Julie Sheffield.

Pumpkin jumping at Llynclys. Photo by Hannah Edmondson.

Obviously, this bird was a bad egg. Photo by Paul Meakin.

Fashion week firm style. Photo by Vicky Brayne.

A Little Egret. Photo by Michael Cole.


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