The world leader in consumer 360° cameras, Insta360 from Shenzhen, has just released a new camera. It’s a step up from the popular ONE X2, with new sensors, better resolution and new features.

It is the logical continuation of what had been the ONE series. First came the ONE, then the ONE X, followed by the ONE X2. Now, Insta 360 has ditched the “ONE” and upped the ante with the X3. The specs look impressive on paper, and the new camera has some pretty nifty features that will appeal to action/adventure types, social media creators – and anyone who loves the post-production versatility that cameras offer. 360 quality.

The big picture

First of all, that’s what 360 cameras do. They capture “the big picture”, i.e. everything in the scene, whether you’re shooting stills or video (although the X3 has a trick up its sleeve here that we’ll get to later). The X3 achieves this with two extremely wide-angle lenses, each with new 1/2″ sensors. Opposing lenses each capture more than a 180° field of view, then stitch them together into a single file.

Each lens captures half of the 360° image…

In fact, the lenses of the X3 are new, with an even wider angle than that of the ONE X2. This camera features a 35mm equivalent focal length of 7.2mm; the new X3 sports a 6.7mm equivalent focal length. This is wide. We suspect the impetus between this could be two-fold: for an even wider angle when using a single lens in the X3’s first person view mode… and possibly also to create an even sharper when capturing 360° video or still images.

The X3 has a 2.29″ tempered glass touchscreen

Sewing once had a problem

The early days of 360° cameras usually had issues with this, leaving a telltale line where the two images/videos were stitched together. This was especially evident when one lens captured a scene brighter than its companion (such as a lens pointing at the sun). Insta360’s technology on this has improved with each generation, and the stitching on the ONE X2 (a camera I bought just over a year ago) is excellent.

But it looks like the X3 is even better. Watch this video: you’ll be hard pressed to find stitch lines here. The resolution and color are superb. Oh – and kudos to whoever put this reel together; impressive work.

Wow. That’s one hell of a promotion…

Specifications and features

The X3 has very good specs, with most showing more than incremental improvement over the ONE X2. We don’t A/B them all here, but let’s look at a few.

Maximum video bitrate on the X3? 120 Mbps, compared to 100 Mbps on the ONE X2. This represents a 20% increase in data throughput. Stills on the X3 can clock in at a whopping 72MB (11968 x 5984) compared to a maximum in the ONE X2 of 6080 x 3040. That’s almost twice the resolution on a still. The aperture is f1.9 on the X3, compared to f2.0.

Here are some more, straight from Insta360:

Many specs, but not all, are an improvement over the ONE X2


Insta360 products feature a lot of bells and whistles, and it’s no different with the X3.

Like all of the company’s cameras, the call for many is “Shoot now, edit later” – meaning the camera captures everything – allowing you to focus on what you want in editing. In fact, it is possible to create almost infinite 16:9 videos in production. You become a director in ways that are simply not possible with non-360 action cameras. Insta360 provides free desktop software and the Insta360 app has a host of social media sharing tools.

X3 transforms the way creators approach the creative process. By shooting 360 degrees first and then cropping later, a video can be edited in a variety of ways. You’ll always be able to capture your best moments, whether it’s catching a big wave or pulling off a tricky trick. Simply edit, hit record and frame later in the Insta360 app, thanks to 360 capture, a 4:5 Instagram post can be turned into a TikTok video 9:16 in a faucet without loss of quality.

Insta360 press release

But there is much more. Insta360 has really perfected its FlowState Stabilization over the years, giving you a really smooth shot even when shooting from the handlebars of a mountain bike.

“With the X Series, we are reinventing the compact camera to make it easier for anyone to be a creator. X3 is designed to help the next generation of creators take their creativity to new heights,” says JK Liu, Founder from Insta360.

In addition to capturing 5.7K 360° video, the X3 has the ability to function as a standard action camera – using a single lens for super sharp, super wide 4K video. The camera also has a new active HDR mode for improved high dynamic range.

“Active HDR uses an innovative algorithm to stabilize action footage, minimizing ghosting and revealing detail that other action cameras miss in overexposed and underexposed areas,” says Insta360.

Oh. And did we say it’s waterproof to 33′ (10 meters)? It does, which means you can capture great photos on or in the water.

The X3 is at home in the water…

Invisible selfie stick

As with its predecessors, the X3 has this great ability to stitch the selfie stick out of the picture, making it invisible in your production. That stick she’s holding underneath? It will be, truly, invisible in everything she films…

Insta360 Invisible Selfie Stick…

The price?

The X3 costs $449.99 and is available from September 8. You can find all the details here.

DroneDJ’s review

Insta360 makes great products, and each iteration of this line has seen significant improvements. If you’re thinking of entering the 360 ​​world or riding one on a drone, everything we’ve seen so far – and certainly the company’s promotional video – indicates that you’ll be getting very high quality. serious about the money.

If you already own the ONE X2 and shoot a lot of 360 content, you’ll see a difference here – and certainly appreciate the bigger screen. But I won’t be a slam-dunk for everyone.

However, if you own something older than the ONE X2, or are planning to dive (waterproof) into the 360 ​​world, you can’t go wrong. This thing will shake and capture your world.

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