Insta360 has just released a teaser for a new product. And, to say the least, it intrigues us.

If you’re not familiar with Insta360, you probably should be. The Shenzhen-based company specializes in 360° cameras for consumers and has built a strong reputation for both hardware and software. From time to time, he dabbled in the world of drones. And now it looks like something pretty cool is on the way.

An Insta360 drone camera?

Well, that’s what we might guess, based on this mini-teaser. Titled “Elevate Your Creativity,” the 19-second video does a great job of teasing. What about Inception-type effects? Pretty mind-blowing. See for yourself:

What is that?

Well, we don’t know for sure. But it’s pretty obvious that these are 360° footage taken by a drone and then processed with some pretty nifty editing software.

Could it be a real drone? We doubt it. Building drones is tough (just ask GoPro) and Insta360 is a camera maker. So that leaves us to theorize that this is a 360 camera designed to work with a drone.

Thing is, to get this kind of 360 degree footage, you would need a camera with lenses on the top and bottom of the drone to make the machine itself disappear. So it’s either a new kind of camera that will work with a consumer drone, or it’s a collaboration with a company like BetaFPV. We’ve seen this in the past, where BetaFPV created a drone body designed to work with Insta’s ONE R camera.

In this case, however, it was BetaFPV that released the teasers, not Insta360.

So what is it ?

Our best guess (and we’ve gotten pretty good at predictions over time), is that this is a camera system designed for some form of popular consumer drone. How it looks – and what drone it’s designed for – we can’t say.

But we can let’s say Insta360 has created a 360° camera designed to work with the original Mavic Pro. It’s called the ONE R Aerial Add On and looks like this:

Insta360 ONE R Antenna Extension Kit

So there is a precedent here.

As for what’s coming soon…we’ll find out on May 24. And you too.

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