Along with the release of the PlayStation 5, Sony has also added a few new accessories to the console’s lineup. There’s the new and improved DualSense controller, a charging station for those controllers, Pulse headphones, and the PS5’s HD camera.

Of all the accessories listed, there’s one that stands out as potentially useless: the PS5 camera. What are the benefits of using the PS5’s HD camera and do you actually need it? Let’s find out!

PS5 HD Camera Features

Unlike the specs of a laptop or the PS5 console itself, the PS5 HD camera specs aren’t very extensive. The most notable specification is the camera’s recording resolution of 1080p. Compared to the 800p maximum resolution of the PS4’s camera, this is a wonderful improvement. Sure, we live in a world where 4K is becoming the new norm, but a 1080p resolution is still nothing to sneeze at.

Importantly, there are two 1080p wide-angle lenses in this HD camera, allowing you to capture even more of your surroundings in Full HD. You can adjust the zoom settings in the console once the camera is plugged in, but it’s not necessary before using it to film.

There’s a built-in microphone as well as a built-in stand so the camera can easily attach to your TV or computer monitor. Then it also uses plug and play operation, which means you don’t have to configure anything to set it up initially: just plug the camera into your PS5 console and you’re good to go!

How much does the PS5 HD camera cost?

The PS5 HD Camera is $59.99 full price. PlayStation occasionally holds sales that make it around $10 cheaper, but it’s more often set at full price.


To put that price into perspective, the PS5 console is either $499.99 or $399.99, depending on whether you buy the disc version or the digital edition. Then a new DualSense controller will cost you the same amount as the PS5 camera: $59.99.

Does the PS5 camera have any special features?

With the combination of functionality from the PS5 console itself and the PS5 camera, you can live stream video to Twitch, YouTube, or another streaming platform. If you primarily stream PlayStation games, it’s incredibly easy to do everything you need to set up your stream from your comfy spot on the couch.

Then there are also built-in background removal tools. One of the hardest parts of setting up a stream in the beginning is figuring out where you will make your stream. You need to find a place in the house that isn’t too messy or too boring, which is often hard to do when you have other responsibilities besides streaming.

With the PS5 camera background removal tools, you can either blur your background or remove it completely so people can just see your face. You are completely in control of how much of your environment is cropped. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about having a super scenic background; you can just focus on streaming and sharing gaming moments on your PS5.

So, is the PS5’s HD camera worth buying?

It’s only worth buying the PS5’s HD camera if you already stream or plan to stream in the future directly from your console. If you’re not a streamer and don’t plan to start streaming, you really don’t need the PS5’s camera. At least not now.

The PS4’s camera had some special features, like unlocking your console with facial recognition and letting you use it in certain games through PSVR. The PS5’s camera may have these features (and possibly more!) in the future, but as of May 2022 these features aren’t present, meaning they don’t really benefit any users outside of it. streamers.


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