LINCOLN COUNTY, Georgia (WJBF) – Lincoln County leaders say it’s time for an upgrade.

“Some of the cameras there are 20 years old. We’ve added some over time, but they’re very outdated,” said Capt. Leighton Taylor of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

The county is seeking funding of approximately $170,000 from the USDA to update cameras in the jail as well as the courthouse and other facilities in the area.

“We hope with this grant that we can address these issues,” Taylor said.

Lincoln County officials say some of the cameras at the jail are 15 to 20 years old.

The outdated system poses a threat to the safety of staff and inmates, as there are many blind spots where correctional officers cannot see inside cells.

“There are a lot of altercations in prison and fights. Hopefully this system will deter some of that with the disappearance of blind spots and make prison a safer place,” Taylor said.

Lincoln County Chairman Walker Norman said about $120,000 of that money would go specifically to the jail.

He said the funding would come in the form of a loan and a grant – the money would be a major help for the rural county which would otherwise not be able to afford the upgrade all at once.

“It would be a burden on the taxpayers of Lincoln County if we had to pay $175,000 all at once. By getting 25 and 30% and annual payments over five years to pay it off, it helps us spread it out over five years instead of one year.

Norman said the county will apply for the funding this week.


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