Logitech has announced Sight, an AI-powered tabletop camera that enables multi-party video conferencing calls.

The Logitech Sight will intelligently capture the best perspective of meeting participants and follow conversations as they move through the conference room.

With a dual-lens camera delivering 4K resolution at 60fps and seven beamforming microphones picking up every nuance, the Sight “helps solve the disparity between hybrid teams by giving remote workers an ‘at the table’ experience.” when meeting employees at the office co-workers,” according to Logitech.

“We are no longer all at home in equally sized video boxes like we were at the height of the pandemic. In a hybrid work world, a mix of in-office and remote workers increases the challenge of providing equitable experiences for everyone,” said Scott Wharton, general manager of Logitech Video Collaboration.

“Logitech Sight, when used with Rally Bar or Rally Bar Mini, uses AI to solve this problem with a model that is less Silicon Valley and more Hollywood – the art of using multiple camera angles and direction intelligent way to bring remote participants out of the sidelines and into the room.

“Our customers have told us that this is one of the biggest hybrid work issues to solve to make ‘return to the office’ work better for teams. We believe, based on years of research and early customer feedback, we’ve cracked the code to this unavoidable critical issue for organizations of all sizes.

The Logitech Sight integrates with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet, and uses its own Logitech Sync software to enable device monitoring, updates, and troubleshooting.

It also includes stands and integrated cable management, to complete your desk setup.

Logitech Sight will launch in mid-2023 for US$2,999 (AU$3,070)


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