Melania was caught looking less than impressed as she attended a World Series game with her husband and ex-President Donald Trump.

A video captured the less impressed Melania Trump as she attended a World Series baseball game with her husband and former President Donald Trump.

The couple attended Game 4 of the World Series between the Atlanta Braves and the Houston Astros at Truist Park in Atlanta, Ga. On Saturday night.

As expected, all eyes were on the pair, with a camera capturing a rather awkward moment during the match.

The footage shows Mr. Trump raising a thumb and clapping as a smiling Melania stands next to him.

But as she turns away from the camera, the former First Lady’s smile quickly turns into a grimace and she can see her sigh as she returns her attention to the game.

Eagle-eyed viewers quickly jumped at the moment, with the MeidasTouch political action committee sharing the clip on Twitter with the caption: “It’s gold.”

The attracted post quickly garnered thousands of comments and likes.

“As hard as she tries not to show it in public, on SO MANY occasions she is so expressive in her OBVIOUS disgust for this man,” one person said.

One person said they “really laughed out loud” while others said they couldn’t stop replaying the video.

Another commentator asked how she hadn’t realized she was in front of the camera, prompting another to suggest that she “does it so regularly and it’s so automatic for her that she can’t even no longer control it “.

Melania’s disgruntled expression was not the only topic of discussion for the evening, with Mr. Trump getting angry after singing the controversial “Tomahawk Chop” – a racist insult to Native Americans – in support of the Braves d ‘Atlanta.

Mr. Trump, who was notably booed when he attended a World Series game two years ago in Washington, joined thousands of Braves fans at Truist Park in Atlanta to do the chopping motion with his arm right before the Braves face the Houston Astros in the best. of the seven major league baseball (MLB) championship finals.

He was seated in a suite down the straight field line and was joined by Melania in cheers, which Native Americans lamented as a racist insult to their culture and heritage.

Racism targeting Native Americans hit MLB this year as the Cleveland Indians withdrew their nickname after years of complaints in favor of Guardians, the team’s new nickname.

Earlier this week, Atlanta Braves CEO Terry McGuirk claimed Mr. Trump had requested tickets to attend the game.

However, on Saturday, the former president released a statement thanking Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred and New York Yankees President Randy Levine for the invitation.

MLB refuted the claim that Mr. Trump was invited to attend the game, telling Yahoo Sports in a statement that, as previously reported, he requested tickets to attend.

Melania’s series of awkward moments

This isn’t the first time Melania has seemed less than happy in her husband’s presence, with several clips taken over the years showing her grimacing and avoiding Mr. Trump’s attempts at affection.

The awkwardness started at Mr. Trump’s swearing-in ceremony when Mrs. Trump smiled at her husband, then gave up the smile altogether, opting for a frown when he turned her back on him.

Shortly after, the couple’s arrival in the nation’s capital caused some cringe. As they got off their plane in Washington, DC for the nomination, President-elect Mr. Trump grabbed his wife’s hand, only for her to quickly grab his hand and quickly drop it away from her.

In fact, there have been numerous instances where Melania appeared to tear her hand away from her husband.

In a video, taken as the couple left Air Force One in August 2020, the former First Lady appeared to tear her hand away from her husband’s many times.

Then there was an infamous handshake between the two in 2017.

At an event at Joint Base Andrews in Md., Melania appeared on stage in front of servicemen and introduced her husband, who was to speak to the audience.

Instead of giving his wife a kiss or a hug, Mr. Trump shook her hand when he took the stage.

All of these moments sparked intense speculation around their relationship, with many commentators even predicting the couple would go their separate ways after Mr. Trump left.

Last year, Omarosa Manigault Newman, an insider close to Trump, wrote an explosive book that purported to offer a behind-the-scenes look at the Trump administration – and his third marriage.

Speaking of the book on the UK Breakfast TV show Lorraine in October 2020, Omarosa made several statements about the “very strange” Trump relationship.

“It’s a very strange marriage. I’m very careful when commenting on the dynamics of a wedding because you never know what’s going on behind closed doors, ”she said on the show.

“But I’ve known this couple since they started dating, they got married a year later The apprentice broadcast.

“What I have observed over the past 17 years would make your head spin. Sometimes they love each other but sometimes she (Melania Trump) is repelled by him.

– With AFP

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