NAPLES, Fla – A woman in Naples is accused of attempting to blackmail her brother over a disputed will by hacking her camera system, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has reported.

Jennifer Lenell Small, 44, sent a short video clip to her brother Craig Lenell, telling him she had hours of videos she would use against him in court if he didn’t agree to mediation. She also indirectly accused him of elder abuse, which he says is unfounded, according to an affidavit.

Small had gained access to recordings stored by Craig’s Ring camera system after her husband’s construction company fired him. He had downloaded the camera system app to the company’s cell phone, FDLE reported.

Craig had power of attorney over his grandmother Katherine Lenell since 2009. Years ago, Katherine withdrew Craig’s will and Jennifer’s sister Carol for theft, the affidavit states. Jennifer wanted Carol back on the will, but Craig said he promised his grandmother not to reinstate her.

Soon after, Craig was fired from his job at Cleveland Construction run by Jennifer’s husband. Craig said in the affidavit that he believed he was fired because he failed to hand Carol over to the will.

FDLE agents arrested Little Monday for a third-degree cybercriminal crime defined as: use of electronic means to track down a victim, setting up video surveillance by accessing any functionality or inherent component of a computer, of a system computer, computer network or electronic device, including access to data or information of a computer, computer system, computer network or electronic device that is stored by a third.

Small was incarcerated in the Collier County Jail and released on $ 7,500 bail.

The investigation will be continued by the State Prosecutor’s Office, 20th Judicial Circuit.


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