The new DGT camera can read license plates from 500 meters away. image: guardia civil traffic

DGT drones will be fitted with high quality cameras capable of capturing a license plate 500 meters away

As the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) steps up its purge on road safety, it has revealed a new tool that will be used to monitor Spain’s roads in 2022. The entity reported that 2021 has been a good year during which the number of the number of deaths between January 1 and December 31 decreased by 9% compared to 2019.

This statistic apparently means 2021 was the year with the second lowest number of road fatalities since the records began. A total of 921 deaths, however, remains a worrying figure. As a result, new road legislation has been developed which aims to go further, adapting the law to the present time.

The DGT has many instruments to prosecute offenses and dangerous driving, and its intention is to eventually eliminate speeding and alcohol or drug use by drivers. Smart speed cameras have already been introduced, combined with a loss of more points on driving licenses for various offenses.

A new device that the DGT will give to the Guardia Civil traffic officers is a camera that will be installed on existing drones. This camera can apparently take pictures of vehicles – and more importantly, their license plates – at distances of up to 500 meters.

In addition to the helicopter that DGT uses to monitor road systems, these drones will be able to fly over areas where concentrations of vehicles, accidents or maximum travel speed can be easily exceeded, while taking clear snapshots of the road. ‘offense. Drivers.

With this in place, DGT hopes to persuade drivers that high-speed travel is not welcome and that fines are more likely to be imposed. These new devices join the traditional radars of the DGT which ensure road safety. Currently there are different types of radars and cameras, but none are as small as these new drones as reported.


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