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If you’re a content creator, photographer, or videographer, you’ve probably used a smaller crossbody-style bag for easier portability during daytime shoots. The challenge with these bags is that you’re usually limited to a camera, an extra lens, and just enough room for a battery, cables, memory cards, and that’s it. HEX realized a gap in the market for a bag that landed “in between,” and they just released the new Sling XL. This model adds more versatility to HEX’s Ranger collection of discreet and mobile camera bags.

The Sling XL was developed in conjunction with photographers and reflected customer feedback, creating an all-new design. This medium-sized bag can hold a 13-inch laptop, multiple cases, lenses, a drone, and more, and can even be custom-configured to fit a change of clothes for weekend trips.

“The Ranger collection conveys the essence of HEX as a brand: functional, sharp, street-ready styles that are all designed with designer feedback, and we’re so excited to introduce a new level of versatility with the Sling XL,” said Trent Valladares, Founder and CEO of HEX.

“A key feature of the new shoulder strap is the padded compartment that can fit a 13” laptop, a huge bargain for a bag with such a small footprint. We’ve also incorporated our patented Clamshell zipper system, which allows for multiple access areas depending The Ranger Sling XL is a truly unique size that we think photographers will find perfect for mid-sized carrying needs.


Sounds good, so how did it go?

We got a Sling XL and put it through its paces. We loaded it up with gear and shot some street art in Denver’s RiNo neighborhood, as well as some drone shots.

Equipment list:

DJI Mini Pro 3 + RC Controller

Sony A7III

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2x Tamaron Lentils

Macbook Air M1

Carbon fiber travel tripod

Small accessories (iPhone, cords, batteries, lens filters, chargers, etc.)

Our creative kit.

Our creative kit.

What we liked:

  • The Sling XL offered enough space for more gear; it allows you to do more creative things.
  • Front padded iPhone/sunglasses pocket and computer storage are clutch, allowing you to empty memory cards and edit remotely.
  • The organizer pocket was big enough to hold our entire RC remote and tons of extra stuff like cables, batteries, memory cards, etc.
  • The fabric is probably water resistant enough to manage to get a little wet, and there’s also a rainfly if you find yourself in a monsoon situation and need to protect your gear.
  • The extra handle, so if you need to grab it from another angle.
  • Customizable interior, just tear off the velcro dividers and customize the bag for whatever you do.

What we didn’t do:

  • The clamshell opening is easy to get to, but you have to put it down to access all your gear, and it’s a good idea not to rush because you could have an expensive yard sale. Smaller slings have easier access upside down, but that depends on how you pull. A good solution for quick access is the Peak Design Capture Clip system. This device creates a solution that basically allows you to store your camera on the strap of the bag without using it. Check it out HERE

Summary: If you’re struggling to find a mid-sized bag that gives you a bit more room for small operations, then you’ve found the solution. The Sling XL has a few compromises with access; however, these can be easily secured with bolts like the Peak Design Capture Clip. The build quality is solid, the price is reasonable, and it’s easy to maneuver. This is a bag that any pro or prosumer can easily put together to handle their needs in different scenarios.

HEX Ranger Sling XL Specifications:

  • Padded laptop compartment up to 13″
  • Water resistant ballistic nylon shell
  • Hidden mosquito net for additional weather protection
  • Generous exterior organizer with HEX signature faux fur lined phone pocket
  • Air mesh back for breathability
  • Bottom straps for tripod or jacket
  • Interior with EVA padded dividers
  • Dimensions: 14.5″ x 11″ x 5″
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Capacity: 15L
  • Available in Black, Camo, Glacier Camo and Blackout Camo colors
  • MSRP: $149.95

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