Nikon has introduced a new smart camera to its compact camera lineup in the form of the LuFact A2000. New ultra-compact smart camera is combined with the LuFact A2000-G AI processing unit and is used in combination with the LuFact camera head series.

The Nikon LuFact A2000-G was created to provide users with a advanced AI computing intelligent camera equipped with its own CPU and a dedicated processor allowing “independent judgment and processing of inspection data directly on the equipment side”. Unfortunately, no pricing or worldwide availability information has yet been released by Nikon, but as soon as the information is revealed, we will update you as always. In the meantime, head over to Nikon’s official website by following the link below.

“The ‘LuFact 2000’ is an easy-to-install, ultra-compact camera ideal for manufacturing process inspection and independent judgment of the presence or absence of a target object, position deviation and applications process record. Additionally, independent processing of inspection results by AI at the edge eliminates computers at the inspection site. »

Nikon LuFact A2000 processing unit

Nikon smart camera

“Improve inspection speed and accuracy through systemization by connecting the “LuFact A2000” to the cloud or server to enable camera-side (edge ​​AI) and cloud/server-side processing. Edge AI extracts and transfers only the data needed to the cloud or server, reducing server load and power consumption.

“The LuFact series offers a wide range of options that allow our customers to optimize their system configuration for the shooting target and application. This range includes the “LuFact AH080-CR”, capable of high resolution color photography, and the global shutter CMOS image sensor “LuFact CH050-MG” and “LuFact AH050-MG”, suitable for capturing subjects in movement. Additionally, the “LuFact A2000-G” can be combined with the previously released high-sensitivity “LuFact AH020-MR” or the high-resolution “LuFact AH080-MR”, allowing a fuller range of options for system configuration. application requirements.

Source: Nikon

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