Oklahoma City Police released body camera video on Wednesday of a man who hijacked a Delta flight to Will Rogers Global Airport last week. Police arrested Ariel Pennington, 35, for allegedly assaulting a flight crew member.

FBI officials have said News 9 agents are investigating Pennington’s alleged unruly behavior and that he may face federal charges.

On Thursday, passengers on a Delta flight from Washington DC to Los Angeles were frightened and shocked when federal airmen had to act. Law enforcement had to subdue Pennington and the plane was forced to make an emergency landing in the nearest town.

“At one point the passenger got very drunk and apparently caused a lot of disruption on the plane, which resulted in not only an assault on a flight attendant,” said Master Sgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department. “But the air marshals have to take over, zip him up and hold him until they can land the plane and let the police come.”

Oklahoma City agents stood ready to arrest Pennington. The unruly passenger was restrained in the back of the plane.

“For real you locked me up for nothing,” said arrested passenger Ariel Pennington.

Pennington appeared cooperative once he was handed over to local police, but always asked what he had done wrong.

“How am I going to get arrested?” I’m not even doing anything, ”Pennington said.

After Pennington got off the plane, the FBI interviewed the man at the airport. He was then taken to the Oklahoma County Detention Center following two complaints.

“Public drunkenness and disorderly conduct,” Knight said. “All charges that are more formal felony-type charges will need to be brought to the federal level.”

Pennington posted on social media that he was being surrounded, called racist insults and attacked by other passengers. He admitted he was intoxicated during the flight, but denied assaulting a crew member.


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