From images shared by YouTuber Dave2D, OnePlus will soon launch a high-end flagship smartphone with Hasselblad branding on the camera array. While many rumors like this end up being false, this one actually seems legitimate.

OnePlus doesn’t have the best reputation for smartphone camera quality and the last time Hasselblad entered mobile phone cameras it was with the $ 250 Hasselblad True Zoom, a great modular accessory for the home. series of Motorola phones that supported “Moto Mods”. This camera was incredibly disappointing from the point of view of image quality.

One Plus and Hasselblad can therefore both be repurchased, as a very credible report indicates that OnePlus 9 Pro will have a Hasselblad camera system.

In photos shared with Dave2D by an anonymous tipster, this future phone has a design and camera similar to the leaked images of the OnePlus 9 but add another camera and a laser (which will probably be used for focusing). It is assumed that instead of the name “Hasselblad”, the base OnePlus 9 will see the label “Ultrashot” instead.

Speaking of the camera array itself, the leaked images appear to show two large sensors and two much smaller cameras on the system, and the images shared with Dave2D seem to indicate that the phone can achieve 3.3x lossless zoom, which would be an improvement over the lossless 3x zoom of the OnePlus 8. Dave2D also notes that a tilt-shift photography mode is displayed alongside Portrait, Nightscape and Pro modes.

As many readers are no doubt aware, smartphone photography has grown steadily for years, essentially in contrast to the collapse of the standalone camera market. Zeiss and Leica have long been players in the camera phone brand’s game, the latest being Vivo’s partnership with Zeiss (Vivo is a sister company of OnePlus), so seeing Hasselblad dipping its feet in again. the pool is no surprise. Hopefully that last piece will actually translate into exceptional picture quality, which is rare in the camera company’s co-branding game and even rarer for Hasselblad co-branding.

Hasselblad has been very selective about its branding on the camera aside from its medium format bread and butter since its fiasco with the renamed luxury Sony cameras. Releasing cameras that don’t live up to the high-end expectations of the Hasselblad brand is more harmful than useful these days, with the company under much more scrutiny than its competitors thanks to the Stellar and Lunar memes.

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