As the China launch date of the OnePlus 10 Pro is fast approaching, the manufacturer has shared all the camera specs for the upcoming flagship.

I’m very happy that the three new cameras on the back of the phone support 10-bit color. OnePlus also claims that the smartphone shooters display 25% more colors than the OnePlus 9 Pro.

On top of that, OnePlus says it’s building in movie mode this year, giving mobile videographers control over ISO, shutter speed and other settings while shooting. The company is also adding an in-camera LOG format to make colors slightly easier to match different cameras and more color processing headroom when editing.

Although I praised the 14mm flatness of the OnePlus 9 Pro, as I predicted, the company is reverting to a more fisheye wide-angle lens this year. The ultra wide-angle has a 150 degree field of view with a fisheye effect, but you can crop it to 110 degrees for a flatter image that looks more like the OnePlus 9 Pro.

Unlike last year, when OnePlus was promoting all of its cameras by talking about their full-frame lens counterparts, this feature seems to have been dropped.

Much like Apple’s ProRaw file type, OnePlus will use a new system called RAW+ that allows users to shoot RAW images that still contain advancements in computational photography. Good to have because computer photography is great for taking pictures quickly. If David Imel’s latest video is any indication, that was the way of filming on mobile phones until manufacturers started developing software for larger camera sensors.

OnePlus also says it can take 12-bit RAW images with this camera even though the sensors only support 10-bit. I contacted OnePlus for more information on how it will work.

I’ll also note that most of the demo images shown are 4080 x 3060 pixels, making them much squarer than the average smartphone photo. This doesn’t necessarily bother me since I’ll probably crop most of my post photos anyway, but it does make me think that OnePlus might not add the XPan mode that I loved so much from the OnePlus 9 Pro.

OnePlus has been slowly revealing OnePlus 10 Pro information leading up to the Chinese release of the phone on January 11th. If you want to know more about the specs of the device, you can read this story here or watch more renders of the device here.

Image credit: OnePlus


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