In a bizarre incident, a group of hikers were robbed by a bird in New Zealand. The Verheul family was on a trip to the national park and recorded a flock of birds after their hike.

Suddenly, one of the kea parrots jumped up and took the family’s GoPro camera in its beak.

The incident happened in Fiordland National Park in New Zealand. The aerial shot recorded by the bird has also gone viral on social media.

“My son decided to go put the GoPro on the handrail, and [the bird] quickly stole it,” Alex Verheul told Seven Sharp in an interview.

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When the bird stole the camera, the family couldn’t understand and stared at the feathered thief in the distance.

However, the camera captured the aerial view of the park until the bird landed on a rock with the camera.

The Verheul family thought they would never get their GoPro back, but the bird landed in a straight line and the group of hikers could see the area where the bird landed with the camera.

Verheul told local TV show Seven Sharp: “We just followed the sound over there…they obviously heard us coming and dropped the GoPro…My son decided to go check out the rocks where it looked like a good place for a bird to land, and it was still sitting there, still filming.

Asked about her reaction after watching the footage, Verheul said, “Really, shocked and surprised. I downloaded it to my phone. People were intrigued. It was just amazing and unexpected.

The Guardian reported that the kea, Aotearoa’s native alpine parrot species, is well known for its mischievous nature. The bird steals people’s wallets, lunchboxes, jewelry and other valuables.


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