Phase One recently added a video trailer (opens in a new tab) on his YouTube channel that guessed us all. The 19-second clip suggests the company is announcing an update to its XT camera system next week.

“We have some exciting news for our XT camera. Stay tuned!” And that’s all we really get to see in the teaser, besides seeing dark and dramatic visuals with equally dramatic music. Since the video went live, the internet has been buzzing with Phase One enthusiasts trying to figure out what the new model might be or feature.

DPReview (opens in a new tab) thought he noticed a silver button on top of the lens, which might add more tilt functionality. Mirrorless Rumors (opens in a new tab) simple request: “The big question is whether this will be their first mirrorless camera…”

First phase

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What is the Phase One XT camera system?

There are currently two camera models in the Phase One XT range; the Phase One XT IQ4 150MP (opens in a new tab) and Phase One XT IQ4 150MP Achromatic – a camera designed to excel in timeless black-and-white photography.

While Phase One’s range of XF cameras are suitable for studio photographers, the XT cameras are intended for use in the field – landscape and documentary work.

The original Phase One XT 150MP medium format system camera (which we last reviewed in 2019) combined Phase One’s ultra-high resolution IQ4 digital back system with a trio of lenses from the famed camera maker. Rodenstock optics via an ultra slim XT camera body.

Our overall verdict was generally: cool camera, luxurious price ($56,990 to be exact). Phase One’s next body will likely be the same cost-wise, but that won’t put off photographers who want or need it. To know what the new XT camera system has in store for us for sure, we’ll have to wait for the (hopefully) full announcement next week.

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