have a good in-camera monitor (opens in a new tab) is frankly the best kit investment a filmmaker should consider when looking to start or progress in their filmmaking career. The monitors are usually larger and brighter than the standard monitor on your mirrorless cameras, which makes composition and framing a whole lot easier, not to mention all the other settings you might want to check.

Most professional cinema cameras (opens in a new tab) don’t have a screen at all, so it’s essential to choose one that suits your needs and that, overall, makes it easier to compose your shots, get the crucial focus and most importantly allow you to get your work done faster. The PortKeys LHP5 II takes all of these must-have qualities and even expands on them, depending on the camera system you’re using. Let’s find out how this 5.5-inch monitor performs.

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PortKeys LH5P II Specifications

LCD: 5.5″
Resolution: 1920×1080
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Angle of view: 178°
Brightness: 2200 cd/m2
Contrast ratio: 1000:1
Shallow: 10-bit (1.07 billion colors)
Range of colors: 100% rec. 709.85% DCI-P3
Picture commands: Anamorphic decompression, check field, color temperature selection, customizable aspect ratios, false colors, focus assist, focus peaking, H/V delay, histogram, image flip, image markers screen, waveform, zebra
Connectivity: HDMI in, HDMI out, 3.5mm headphone out, proprietary in/out (24 VDC), mini-USB, USA Type-A in
Battery: Sony NFP-style
Dimensions (WxHxD): 144 x 90 x 30.88mm
Lester: 8.8oz / 250g

PortKeys LH5P II Key Features

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The PortKeys LH5P II is a bright 5.5-inch monitor that supports a 1920 x 1080 touchscreen to make it incredibly user-friendly, it also has built-in control for Sony Alpha and FS/FX cameras, a control for the Canon C and R5 and R6 range, as well as the Blackmagic range of cinema cameras, Z cam and finally Panasonic Lumix models such as the GH and S series. This means that whatever camera you are shooting , you’ll be able to have complete menu control at your fingertips, which is incredibly intuitive and refreshing from a well-priced product.

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The PortKeys LHP5 II is very well equipped with many features and connections that would make even the most serious filmmaker’s job easier throughout a shoot. It supports HDMI input and HDMI output via passthrough and can take and display DCI 4K signal at 24 fps.

You get built-in 3.5mm headphones for on-the-fly audio monitoring, as well as remote options and DC inputs. A great feature is that this wonderful monitor supports widely available Sony NPF style batteries which come in multiple power options, I am using 5600mAh / 40.3Wh NP-F750 batteries which I had in a draw and they are capable of powering the LH5P II for a very long period of time, in fact I only had to charge them once and used the monitor on several shots producing 1080p singles or 4K.

PortKeys LH5P II Construction and Handling

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The LH5P II is built in line with a tank, constructed from hard shell aluminum with sturdy hard plastic buttons for menu controls and 4 function settings, it feels like a quality product right out the door out of the box, and even the packaging is useful like the PortKey providing you with a handy pelican-style hard case to store your new monitor when traveling, which I think was a really nice touch.

The LH5P II is equipped with many built-in software, you can adjust the image color, temperature, layout and more to display it as you like, you can also flip the image horizontally or vertical axis , making it an ideal companion for those shooting vertical videos for social media. You can also set the display range to an option of your choice from bypass, Rec.709, P3-DCI or P3-D65. You also have the option of uploading your own LUT to the monitor so you can see exactly how your video will look before applying it in the editing studio, which is a huge time saver on set.

Assist settings include focus assist in zebra, ridge or waveform so you can be sure you’ll hit critical focus every time with the option of your choice. You also have an option for RGB waveform or histogram if you come from a photography background, overall the PortKeys LH5P II really packs a ton of features into such a rugged and sleek form factor that any filmmaker would be proud to use.

Performance PortKeys LH5P II

During the test, I tried this monitor with the Panasonic Lumix BS1H and on my old Nikon D800, it performed perfectly on both setups, whether indoors or outdoors. I found the 2200 cd/m brightness eliminated glare when shooting in direct sunlight and didn’t interfere with the ability to compose various scenes.

As mentioned before, the LH5P II takes NPF style batteries and found that I could easily run 1 battery through a full day of shooting with the monitor on and off during breaks. Your own mileage may vary, and if you use larger professional equipment you may want to invest in an NPF dummy battery to a D-Tap on your Gold or V-mount battery for longer run hours, but if you are a mirrorless user NPF batteries are the way to go, yes that means carrying two different batteries but two will definitely get you the most out of shots with plenty of juice to spare

PortKeys LH5P II Verdict

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With built-in camera control for various Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Blackmagic and even Z Cam film cameras, this is a great option for anyone who wants a monitor that will help a filmmaker take the shot and be a great visual aid. useful in the composition process.

For a reasonable price, you get an excellent set designed to withstand the vigorous daily life of a filmmaker on set, in the studio, or for filming on the go. Coupled with a sturdy travel case for easy transport between shoots, great monitor features, and built-in audio monitoring capability, the PortKeys LH5P II is a great 5.5-inch monitor for anyone looking to up their game in the world of cinematography.

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