DENVER (KDVR) – A family in the Lincoln Park neighborhood looked at home surveillance cameras as two people entered their property and looked out of their home windows.

Michael Van Den Bosch said his family were at home by the time a man and woman opened the front door to their garden, entered their property, rammed the fence down to the backyard then looked out the windows.

“They were looking to get into the garage or the house and take whatever they could,” Van Den Bosch said.

He said there was nothing outside on their property for the duo to steal, but he believes they were hiding his house for a possible burglary.

“They just smashed it down and walked right in and started looking out the windows to see if anyone was home,” Van Den Bosch said.

Van Den Bosch said he confronted the two people and called the police. He said police reacted quickly, but the couple walked away before the police arrived. According to the Denver Police Department, two officers responded and began to search for intruders in the area but could not locate them.

“They get cheeky. If there are no consequences and they pull away, they can just keep escalating until they get caught, ”said Van Den Bosch.

DPD said people should keep a few tips in mind to keep their homes safe when out of town on vacation:

  1. Don’t share on social media that you’re out of town
  2. Suspend mail, newspaper and parcel deliveries unless you have a trusted neighbor to pick it up every day
  3. Set timers on lights and TVs to make it look like someone might be home

“If you have something in plain sight, you feel vulnerable, but even if you have nothing in sight of the plane, people are hiding. It’s annoying, ”said Van Den Bosch.


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