Shinji Mikami is the man who wrote and directed Resident Evil 4, one of the most beloved and influential entries in the entire franchise. Although Mikami appreciates the recognition Resident Evil 4 is getting these days, he said the warm reception was quite surprising at the time. This is especially true for the game’s camera change, which Mikami says wasn’t that innovative at the time.

In a new video from Mikami, we learn that the switch from fixed camera angles to over-the-shoulder camera in Resident Evil 4 was done simply because the team thought it worked better. No one involved realized what a big change this would be for the Resident Evil series.

Mikami first saw how big the change to the camera system was when none other than Masahiro Sakurai (Smash Bros) came to check out the game during development. Sakurai specifically asked who invented the camera system, which is when Mikami chimed in to say it was him. Sakurai responded by telling Mikami that the change was great, which took Mikami by surprise.

The praise and influence didn’t stop there either. Mikami revealed that the Gears of War team met with him at E3 to specifically tell him that the Resident Evil 4 camera system directly influenced the design of Gears of War. Once again, Mikami was very surprised by this revelation, and all the praise he received took him a while to process.


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