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TL; DR: Since July 5, the Air NEO Selfie Camera drone(opens in a new tab) is on sale for just $127.96 with code JULY 20. This will get you 20% off its regular price of 159.95.

Tired: Set up a tripod and remote control to take selfies or TikTok videos. Wired: Launch a drone into the air and pose, dance, and more as you please.

The Air NEO Selfie camera drone(opens in a new tab) lets you take awesome photos and videos from the sky with a simple throw. And for a limited time, it’s on sale for 20% off.

It regularly costs $159.95, but it’s only $127.96 when you use the code JULY 20 at the register. The deal only lasts until July 5, so this is your last chance to score it at this low price.

Less than the weight of a golf ball and smaller than your iPhone, the Air NEO is a great tool for content creators of all kinds. It takes stunning 12MP aerial photos and 1080P HD video at 30 FPS. It is equipped with AI and uses a variety of automatic flight modes to fly on its own. You can just toss it up in the air and choose between wide-angle mode for taking photos from 5 feet away, zoom mode for taking close-up shots from just 2.5 feet away, or video mode for filming. 15 seconds of HD video. It will automatically come back to you once it has taken the photo.

The app unlocks even more modes, like an orbit mode that shoots HD video from 7.5 feet away while spinning a full revolution around you. You can also choose to fly your Air NEO manually if you wish.

See it in action:

There’s no need to carry a full tripod setup with you on the go when you can fit the Air NEO in your pocket. Be sure to use the code JULY 20 at checkout to secure the sale price of $127.96(opens in a new tab).

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