The hungry elephant in this clip decided to pull a “Kool-Aid Man” and smash through the wall of a house in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu, India.

According NewsFlareon June 26, an elephant strolling through the neighborhood smelled an appealing aroma and sniffed its way to the source – a residence in the neighborhood.

A security camera inside the house captured what happened next.

The clip of the incident shows a motionless, empty kitchen with no movement inside – until a curious chest pierces one of the walls of the room from the outside and begins snooping around the kitchen blindly. Soon the appendix begins to find tasty treats and carry them out of the house. Eventually, the elephant’s entire upper body bursts into the room to get a better look at the food offerings in the kitchen. After refueling with stolen food, the elephant walks away.

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the elephant

Samuel Babu, owner of the house the elephant ransacked, told NewsFlare that he and his family were sleeping upstairs when they heard the elephant smash through the kitchen wall. The family ran downstairs from their rooms and watched the elephant grab treats and fly away. All humans and elephants left the encounter physically unharmed.

Babu said the elephant “totally damaged” the kitchen during its nighttime flight. The owner has since had the affected kitchen wall replaced. Babu added that he left oil cake he bought for his cows in the kitchen the night the elephant broke in. He thinks the elephant might have sniffed out the cake, which led the wild animal to enter the house.


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