Sierra Wireless, one of the world’s leading providers of IoT solutions, announced that EarthCam, a leading provider of webcam content, technology and services, has selected Sierra Wireless’ AirLink XR80 5G Router for its first world’s multi-network 5G camera system, the StreamCam 5G.

Sierra Wireless’ AirLink XR80 5G provides EarthCam’s StreamCam 5G with the fast, ultra-low latency and reliable 5G connectivity needed to send nearly unlimited amounts of visual data from high-resolution live-streaming cameras, allowing easily for users to keep up to date on a project’s progress or share their location with dramatically improved file transfer times. Large amounts of data from environmental, safety and security sensors can be quickly accessed, and the camera also has artificial intelligence capabilities. First announced in October 2020, EarthCam’s 5G multi-network camera system offers 4K streaming, 12-megapixel photography and built-in time-lapse capabilities.

Sierra Wireless’ AirLink routers, including the XR80 5G and RV55 LTE-A Pro, are essential for EarthCam’s all-weather cameras for documenting multi-year projects, such as time-lapse videos of the NFL’s biggest stadium, Los Angeles SoFi, Denver International Airport and the reconstruction of the World Trade Center site in Manhattan.

Sierra Wireless AirLink® XR80 5G High-Performance Multi-Network Router

Specifically designed for mission-critical environments and high-performance mission-critical 5G applications, XR Series routers, which include the AirLink® XR80 5G, improve performance and reliability for video streaming, video offloading, voice communications and other data- and time-intensive data. – sensitive use cases by ensuring that the router connects to the best performing network at the right time. This is achieved through AirLink OS, which includes Cognitive Wireless, Sierra Wireless’ patented technology that automatically delivers sub-second switching to the best network available.

The AirLink XR Series was designed for operational simplicity, from initial setup and configuration, with zero-touch out-of-the-box provisioning, to ongoing management. Part of the 5G solutions portfolio that includes management software and reporting systems, 24/7 support, routers, antennas and accessories, the XR80 5G is managed by the AirLink management system ( ALMS), a cloud-based management platform that includes a remote device. mobility-focused management and reporting via AirLink Complete. Additionally, an integrated LPWA cellular radio, connected via Sierra Wireless Global Connectivity, provides an always-on out-of-band management link to ALMS. This unique capability provides contactless provisioning and a last resort link between the router and its management platform, to ensure the continued operational success of these 5G deployments.

EarthCam offers 5G as an option across its entire product line. The AirLink XR80 5G and RV55 LTE-A Pro routers are available to order from Sierra Wireless’ global parts network.nerves.

Brian Cury, CEO and Founder of EarthCam
Sierra Wireless is a great partner, supporting EarthCam as a pioneer in next-generation live streaming cameras. 5G is the future of webcam technology and it is becoming indispensable as customers require increasingly high quality video data that can be accessed from anywhere. Our collaboration with Sierra Wireless delivers efficient and powerful new solutions for entertainment, construction safety, and AI analytics. With 5G and Sierra Wireless’ AirLink XR80 router, we’re able to drastically reduce file transfer times for a full day of recordings from two hours to five minutes.

Tom Mueller, Vice President, Product Management, Sierra Wireless
The Sierra Wireless AirLink XR80 5G Router is purpose-built to maximize connectivity, reliability, and security for mission-critical and business-critical applications. It provides consistent primary and backup connectivity for both public and private networks, ensuring connectivity is “always on”, making it ideal for EarthCam 5G implementation. Its seamless global connectivity allows users to easily monitor jobsites remotely in real time and is an integral part of the EarthCam solution.


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