Smarter AI Camera

SmarterAI camera spokesperson Chris Pechie talked about the latest technologies from his company, as well as applications that have great applicability to farmers. There are many applications of AI cameras. Agriculture is one of the industries with a number of applications. And in short, AI cameras are going to allow farmers to run their farms more efficiently, whether it’s inspection or automation. Farmers are going to be able to run bigger farms with fewer people or fewer resources and potentially also get a higher yield from the same farms, you know, when it comes to Android or wireless devices. There are different form factors. So you have small phones, big phones, tablets, etc., etc. Similarly, there are different camera form factors. AI can support things like drone-mounted cameras, but there are also fixed-position cameras. There are also body-worn cameras. And in the same way that Android and iOS are essentially agnostic to these different smartphone form factors, our software platform is also agnostic to the camera form factor. Go to the website.


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