There can be something joyful about remembering a certain period in your life.

The ability to travel back in time through pictures can fill you with a hazy feeling when you recall great moments.

The 1970s hold many special memories for many people in Hampshire and we have scoured the archives to make this trip down memory lane a little easier.

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This particular decade saw Richard Nixon step down due to the Watergate scandal, Microsoft and Apple were founded, Louise Brown, the very first test tube baby, was born and Billy Jean King beat Bobby Riggs in the tennis match ” Battle of the Sexes “. .

Major fashion trends included flared or “bell bottom” pants, while exotic prints and bright colors were also popular. When it comes to music, ABBA burst onto the Eurovision Song Contest scene with disco, the defining genre of the 70s.

Closer to home, the 1970s saw the iconic Concorde supersonic airliner visit the Farnborough Air Show as Southampton FC claimed their only major trophy to date by lifting the FA Cup in a shock victory over Manchester United. Photos of both are included in our photo selection.

So, let’s remember!

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