Taking good photos requires a professional camera, TRUE? Sports cameras have been all the rage lately, a much more compact option and with a quality that could be called “cinema”, right? Their evolution has allowed such varied and modern options that they already record up to 4K at 60 fps and nothing more and nothing less than 360º.

Can you imagine what we are talking about? One of the cameras that has come to storm the market and is in direct competition with the GoPro: the Insta360, more precisely, the model OneRS Twin Edition. An action camera with interchangeable lenses and some really crazy features. We tell you all about it in this analysis, including its good offer price!

4K and 360º: the sports camera that is revolutionizing the market

I’m sure you’ve seen a lot vloggers or youtubers. The Insta360 is used for hundreds and hundreds of different activities: going on a bike ride, riding a motorbike or even taking a dizzying jump into the sea. The options of this camera are endless and you have to take into account that it records everything your eyes can’t see, i.e. 360º. And if you doubted it, here is a guide to sports cameras.

In this package, the Twin Edition, there are two cameras in one. He has a 4K Boost lens and another 5.7K 360º for these videos as cool as you can see on social networks. That is to say the absolute best quality that can be found in a current camera, and in a mini format! The goal is to record with a wide angle videos at maximum resolution and an incredible level of detail.

It not only has a good resolution, but also a stabilization of dreams: FlowState stabilizes the image for very smooth shots, on par with (or better than) the GoPro and its HyperSmooth. No matter what lens you use, you’ll get good stabilization in all types of shots.

It will allow you to take 48 megapixel photos, videos in 6K widescreen and videos with Active HDR. Its new sensor captures all the photos in an ultra sharp way. And of course, the famous stick or ‘invisible selfie stick’. And this is one of the most interesting points, because the 360 ​​lens makes the stick completely invisible in the shots (video and photo), and it seems that it is a very drone taking the photo .

As you can see, it’s one of the best inventions of recent times for all kinds of professionals or amateurs who want to record a video for their social networks, edit it, etc. And now for sale!

The proposed Insta360: the camera of the moment!

You have to go to Amazon to buy this camera, and now on sale! There you can also read the nearly 400 positive reviews. Its usual price is around 570 euros, but for a limited time you can get it for only 509 euros for a limited time. Join the camera revolution! Here is the purchase link:


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