You know those amazing videos of gnarly snowboarding or people reaching the top of a mountain at sunset? With the Dual Camera Foldable HD Mini Drone, you can capture the exact same type of views from above. This impressive quadcopter is no longer $74.99 (Reg. $80) at 9to5Toys Specials.

If you love taking photos and videos, get your hands on a drone can be a revelation. Instead of always taking shots from where you’re standing, suddenly you have the ability to frame shots from any angle.

By choosing the Dual Camera Foldable HD Mini Drone, you have the ability to capture aerial views almost anywhere. This quadcopter is small enough to fit in any backpack, but it’s packed with great features.

Whether it’s action sports or serene landscapes, the drone captures crisp images thanks to two separate cameras – 4K on the front and HD below. Gyro stabilization and smart hover function ensure you have a stable image, while automatic obstacle avoidance helps you avoid accidents.

You can control the drone using the supplied handset or via the companion app on your smartphone. In any case, you can take off with just one click and send the drone anywhere within 100 meters.

Once you’re done flying, just fold up the rotors. In storage mode, the whole thing measures just 1.57 inches thick and 5.12 inches long.

Order now for $74.99 to get the Dual Camera Foldable Mini Drone for 7% off MSRP, with controller and spare parts included.

Prices subject to change


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